Who Is Bob?

Bob has been around the Northern California area since 1957, when his parents migrated to the Silicon Valley from a small town in Pennsylvania.

He confesses to not being a ‘Guru’, a word he would like to see fall into disuse.

Bob prefers to be know as a ‘Lifetime Student’, learning all the time! More like a ‘Permanent Apprentice’!. “Today’s Internet makes an immense and ever changing file of knowledge constantly available to all” said Bob.

His career spams a wide variety of occupations, including, but not limited to, paper routes, working in local orchards and greenhouses during high school years and truck driver. In my ‘working stiff’ life I was with a number of Silicon Valley enterprises including: Fairchild, Ampex, DEC and Xerox.

I spent my last 14 years, prior to retiring, at University of California Santa Cruz, where I was a Facility Project Manager. Bob said: “I Loved working with the large variety of folks, both students and the general populace.” in that position.

He has been a volunteer with a search and rescue group – http://www.sjsar.org – since the late sixties. Please consider being a volunteer in your community – it is extremely rewarding!

Though professing to not being a writer, in the classic sense, Bob enjoys publishing an article or two once in a while and hopes life allows him to continue doing so. It’s great fun to know you put a couple of words to paper and it can be seen by the world.

Being retired provides me the opportunity to give whatever I can to whoever asks. spreading my knowledge and experience to others via the Internet and its incredible avenues of communication, education, and entrepreneurship.

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