The Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

Joy To All

Joy To All

A joyous time is had by all. Or maybe not…

A time was when this was one of my favorite times of the year. I enjoyed finding just the right gift for all. I have enjoyed even more heading to the mall. not so much to buy but more so to just enjoy the hustle and bustle of this special season. I am a people watcher by avocation or at least I seem to be.

This year has not been as enjoyable as in the past. Dealing with a stroke and all its attendant problems has sort of tapped me out (physically, emotionally, monetarily, loss of freedom, etc.)

Emotionally, as I see the struggles of others more in need than myself a certain sense of shame comes over me, tho it’s hard not to let those feelings creep in.

I Wish You And Yours The Best The Season HasTo Offer 

To Offer as well as Peace To The World!

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It Happened Last Night

So, did we all remember. in the midst of a very contentious election
cycle, the clocks went backward last night?

If only we could turn this election cycle back and start over!

Well on November 8 we see where our future lies! Are you confident
the right decision(s) will be made on November 8, 2016? decisions to
move us forward and not, like our clocks, backword…

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Is 2016 Shaping Up To Be One Of Our Most Important Election Years?


As American’s we have a Responsibility to guide our country (meaning our politicians), so they do what is right: right for us, our families and our nation – in that order. Note: I did not say ‘do what is right for the politicians’.

Often we feel we have no effect on the needed guidance and influence in ensuring the country moves in the direction we believe it should be heading. Remember there have been times historically when issues were decided by extremely thin margins.

Voting may seem too time-consuming and inconvenient; we have better things to do. We become apathetic and uncaring. When an election is not to our liking we may even become angry.

Ballots have a great many local issues on them. Issues which can be just as important as those of national concern. If you didn’t vote then don’t complain.

You can always vote by absentee ballot if time is an obstacle – it’s what I do.

Politicians are like our ‘children’, and as ‘Parents’ it is up to us to show them the way. To teach them right from wrong as it were.

The 2016 election cycles have been, and continue to be, particularly troubling for us. If we become jaded doubt creeps in and we feel like saying ‘What is the use’?

Remember exaggerations and misstatements will be made by both sides of the issues, not because they are right or wrong but merely to woo you to their side. This presidential campaign is shaping up to be a critical election year for our country.

While not always agreeing with those who profess to be political experts I take my responsibility as a citizen seriously. Responsibility to express my pleasure, or conversely my displeasure, by casting my vote, and encouraging other folks to do the same when the time comes.

It’s clear WE need to make changes in the way things are done. I hope you can, and will, step up to your responsibility to make your voice heard by exercising your right to vote.

Recently, while watching Nicolas Cage’s movie, ‘National Treasure,’ I thought about something. National Treasure was about finding a treasure and returning those objects to their rightful owners – The World!

I think so many of us don’t realize how much the world as a whole looks to us for direction. The tasks we need to do and how we accomplish those them is the treasure we have to give to the world.

I believe this: “no one person, no proposition, etc. can garner my vote if I do not explicitly trust in them”.

Age, Gender, Red State, Blue State, – Don’t let others put you in one of these boxes – unless you wish to be in one! Always vote what you believe to be the right path not what someone said too

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Drought – What Is It?


Well in simplest terms it is a ‘No Water‘ situation. It means we’ve had no ‘measurable’, or less than normal, precipitation for a given amount of time (seasons).

That measurable amount of time is different in your part of the world from mine but the consequences are the same. Droughts can occur in any and all of the worlds climates. And we humans can cause a water deficient situation by overuse and overpopulation. Even a decline in water quality can be seen as causing drought conditions.

The Sahara desert’s measurable time frame is not the same as that of the Pacific Northwest. While we humans can go a considerable time without food, three to four days without water – which is our lifeblood – is pretty much our max.

In many places in the world drought can, and does, mean famine. It keeps world hunger organizations in a constant state of ‘Need’.

It is true California received more rain this past winter than in the previous 4 or 5 years, but we can by no means proclaim ‘The Drought Is No More’!

Prolonged dry conditions means a great deal of dead and dying trees in our forests which means much greater risk of disastrous fires. Today our urban areas are often forested as well. This means increased risk of injury or worse.

Living in northern California, in 1991 I saw first hand how fire affects people’s lives and property. This was when the Oakland, California Hills ( became a firestorm.

Does the future bode well for California or any environment devastated by drought? We can but hope – and keep fingers, toes, et all. crossed..

Some resources:

You can see California’s present rainfall situation at this link:

You can also check other parts of the country here:

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